Event announcement: Cultural Racism: Construction of a Scapegoat

The Human Rights Lawyers Association in conjunction with the Khadija Leadership Network is hosting a panel event on racism and human rights. The discussion is timely given Taika Waititi's recent comments on racism in New Zealand.

Who is the other? In a world where nation-states are no longer sheltered, where mass migration, mass telecommunication, and mass liberalisation have punctured our once sacrosanct borders, who belongs, who does not, and, perhaps more importantly, who decides? An inability to answer these questions is creating conditions for the emergence of ‘cultural racism’, a new form of stigmatisation where those who possess cultural practices that jar with the mainstream are demonised and constructed as scapegoats for every ill that arises.

3 May 2018 from 5.45 pm - 7.00 pm at AUT Auckland City campus, ROOM WH415

Come listen to our expert panelists as they reflect on our changing conception of identity and belonging and the damage cultural racism is inflicting on liberalism, democracy, and, ultimately, human rights. 


Dr Mohsen al Attar, Principal Teaching Fellow, Warwick University
Dr Zain Ali, Teaching Fellow in theological and religious studies, University of Auckland
Khylee Quince, Associate Head of Law School and Director of Maori and Pasifika Advancement, Auckland University of Technology; and
Andra Mobberley, Barrister practising international law, former NZ crown counsel and UN prosecutor in Rwanda

Fatumatah Bah, Inspirational Stories speaker and former refugee from Sierra Leone, will chair the panel.

Register for the event here: http://bit.ly/kln-may