Annual General Meeting

Kia ora koutou

We are just two weeks away from our Annual General Meeting, and the Association has a lot coming up, including an address by Frances Joychild QC and a fundraiser film screening on Act of Killing.

Frances Joychild QC talk on human rights litigation in New Zealand

 Frances Joychild QC will be speaking at our annual general meeting on 7 August 2013 about the environment of human rights litigation in New Zealand. In particular, Frances will share her recent experiences in significant discrimination cases in the Court of Appeal: representing the Child Poverty Action Group in their challenge of the government's In-Work Tax Credit scheme (Court of Appeal decision expected in the coming months); and representing Atkinson in the Family Caregivers Case (Ministry of Health v Atkinson [2012] 3 NZLR 456 (CA)), where the government policy that excluded family members from payment for providing various disability support services to their disabled children was found to be unjustified discrimination.

Frances Joychild QC is one of New Zealand's leading human rights lawyers. She has 15 years experience as a barrister sole working in civil litigation, and has spent 3 years as a Law Commissioner.

  • WHEN: Wednesday 7 August 2013 at 6:00 pm for drinks and nibbles for a 6:30 pm start
  • WHERE: University of Auckland Conference Centre, 26 Symonds St, Auckland

Annual General Meeting

At the conclusion of Frances Joychild QC's speech, the Association will hold its second Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We expect that it will take approximately 30 minutes, and the Association will provide further drinks and nibbles at its conclusion.  All members are welcome.

Election of officers

The AGM will elect the Association's executive for 2013-2014.  We have received several nominations for executive board members.  Biographies of each of the candidates are available here, and job descriptions for each role are here.

Agenda and remits

A copy of the AGM's agenda is here , including the motions proposed by the 2012-2013 executive.  The proposed constitutional amendments are technical, designed to correct small errors only, and may be viewed here.

If you wish to propose another motion or remit or raise any other business at the AGM, please email before 31 July 2013.

Annual report

 The 2012-2013 executive will also deliver the Association's annual report at the AGM.  A copy of the report, detailing what the Association has achieved in its first year, is available here.

Proxy voting

If you wish to authorise another person to vote on your behalf at the AGM, a proxy voting form is availablehere.

Fundraiser film: the Act of Killing

In conjunction with the International Film Festival, the HRLA is hosting a fundraising movie event on Sunday 4 August 2013 at 1:00 pm at Event Cinemas Queen Street.  If you want to come along, email now, as tickets are selling fact.

Part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, winner  of the Berlin Film Festival Panorama Audience Award and winner of the Aung San Suu Kyi Award for Best Documentary Film at the Human Rights, Human Dignity Film Festival in Myanmar, as well as many others, The Act of Killing has been described as:

A true cinematic experiment, The Act of Killing explores a chapter of Indonesia's history in a way bound to stir debate—by enlisting a group of former killers, including Indonesian paramilitary leader Anwar Congo, to re-enact their lives in the style of the films they love. When the government of President Sukarno was overthrown by the military in 1965, Anwar and his cohorts joined in the mass murder of more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals. Now, Anwar and his team perform detailed re-enactments of their crimes with pride, holding numerous discussions about sets, costumes, and pyrotechnics. Their fixation on style rather than substance—despite the ghastly nature of the scenes—makes them mesmerising to watch. But as movie violence and real-life violence begin to overlap, Anwar's pride gradually gives way to regret. And we see a man overwhelmed by the horrific acts he has chosen to share with the world.

The massacre has been described by the Indonesian government as “justified”.

For more information on the film see or for more information on human rights abuses in Indonesia see

Tickets are only $20.

To buy a ticket for Sunday 4 August 2013 at 1:00 pm at Event Cinemas Queen Street, send your name and contact details to Numbers are strictly limited so register your interest ASAP to avoid missing out!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.